Register – Earn a Certificate as an Eldercare Volunteer

Let’s connect more with our Elders!

NEMA Eldercare is an International Seniorcare organization operated by IIT, IIM qualified entrepreneurs and Specialist Doctors. Though new to India, ElderCare is much recognized and encouraged service in the western world & well appreciated by all eminent Universities.


The program is open to all students from class 6th to 12th from any recognized schools. It has been designed to connect elders with children and helps students obtain the necessary ‘Volunteer’ certifications. Submit your articles at
1. Read articles on eldercare. Document your ‘read’ by pressing ‘Likes’ on at-least 10 blogs/ promos/ articles on the website.
2. Register an Elder. He/she must be over 60 years of age and will become eligible for support from NEMA Eldercare.
3. Recommend to at least three classmates/ friends. Students must read about eldercare and must complete all the above steps to receive ‘Eldercare Volunteer’ certificate.

Writing Guidelines


1. Articles must be written in plain language not exceeding 1000 words.
2. Grammatical and punctuation errors must be avoided. A plagiarism test shall be conducted.
3. They must contain original thought as well as research.
4. References should be cited where they are relevant.

Judgment Criteria

1. Interesting and informative.
2. Relevance to the topic.
3. Original thought and analysis.
4. Researched content and its citation.
5. Well-written (i.e. grammar, proof-reading and plain English).
6. Blogs placed on our platform shall be judged as per the likes received and the jury’s view.

An elder, over 60 years of age, can also be registered by any recognized volunteer by filling an online elder registration form. He/she will become eligible for support from NEMA ElderCare.

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