Paradise Care Plans

Paradise care is working towards caring for senior post-retirement. Paradise Care respects the need for independence and social connections that a senior has within his home & community. Indian culture & values expect our elders to be taken care of at home and we support it with multiple HomeCare-services that include providing trained care attendants, nurses, or visiting doctors. However, the burden of running a household with house-help/s remains with seniors.

Some of them left alone or otherwise may find it quite difficult to manage and could choose to shift to another alternative of our specialized ‘all in one’ Continued Care Retirement Homes (CCRH). They could lease a room in CCRH or buy an apartment in the Continued Care Retirement Community (CCRC), based on their need and financial capacity. It is the ideal senior living option to “age in place.” A combination of Independent Living & Assisted living with medical care, it’s a HOME with hospitality services and a notch below the nursing home.

As part of the Independent Living plan, seniors may choose just personal care services and avoid healthcare services. In their golden years of life, they enjoy complete independence & a very high quality of life in a community of like-minded seniors. 

Over time, when they begin to need help, they may choose one of the care plans of Assisted living with healthcare services as per their requirement. CCRCs give seniors the ability to live within the same community through their life, remain comfortable and familiar with the people, surroundings, and the services maintaining the same quality of life, activities, and interactions.