Care and Price are the two most important facets for one to choose from. A good Care has an associated cost, primarily for the manpower, training, supervision, and administration. 

PARADISE stands on a few basic Principles

  • Never compromise on care for the elderly.
  • Do not accept charity. We believe that elders joining our family have worked hard in their life and their self-esteem shall not permit them to ask for charity.
  • Train the care staff to first say ‘Yes’ to every need of the elderly resident, even if that is beyond their scope. Thereafter, find a way to satisfy that need with the support of seniors, if required. 

Our healthcare price is inclusive of meals, security, housekeeping & laundry, service utilities (except air-conditioning & heater), and in-house varied activities. Given these basic services, individual care price is dependent on the care required of the elderly. It is given only after a medical assessment by the healthcare team.